New Products For Fall 2014


Touch Screen Cloth
The GLEEN Touch Screen Cloth: The most convenient way to clean fingerprints and unsightly smears from off all your favorite touch screen surfaces. Just wipe back and forth and they magically disappear. No fuss just great results. Safe for all screen surfaces.

cloned sweeper 2-cloth pu

Wet  / Dry Sweeper Mop Cloth
The GLEEN Sweeper Mop Cloth: Transform your sweeper mop into a Streakless Cleaning Machine. Our GLEEN Wet / Dry Mop Cloth is the perfect attachment to turn your sweeper into a Wet / Dry Mop with the power to not only clean but to do it Streakless! Safe for all floor surfaces.
Dish Dry Cloth
Dish / Dry Cloth
The GLEEN Dish Dry Cloth: Grab hold of our unique GLEEN Dish Dry Cloth and take the effort out of your everyday dish drying chore. Our Dish Dry Cloth will dry dish after cup leaving no streaks and never growing tired. When the GLEEN Dish Dry Cloth becomes water saturated, simply ring it out and keep going. Safe even for your heirloom china.