GLEEN, Organic Puratizer™ 

A Safe Way to Cleanse and Purify!



  • GLEEN, Organic Puratizer is the most effective all natural green cleaner available. GLEEN, Organic Puratizer™ effectively cleans away mold spores, infectious bacteria, virus germs, and their food sources.

  • GLEEN, Organic Puratizer is your 1st choice to hygenically clean away germs and bacteria from countertops, bathrooms, door handles, and hundreds of other surfaces safely, effectively, and without CHEMICALS!


  • GLEEN, Organic Puratizer uses naturally occurring enzymes to clean away , infectious bacteria, and virus germs. It’s an all natural 100% safe plant-based multi-enzyme hygienic cleaner. Enzymes are nature’s biodegrading proteins. All of “Life” simply could not and would not exist without enzymes!  GLEEN, Organic Puratizer™ is “Hypo-Allergenic”!
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