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  GLEEN, combined with the power of water, safely and effectively cleans hundreds of surfaces. This unique 16 x 16 inch cloth effortlessly cleans windows, mirrors, marble countertops and more, with only water, for a streak free gleam. No need for expensive sprays, harsh chemicals or paper towels. Just dampen GLEEN with water, wring it out and experience easy  cleaning, every time. The patented fiber technology leaves behind absolutely no streaky residue or scratches and cleans the following materials: glass, ceramic, chrome, plastic, marble, fiberglass, stainless steel, leather, granite, acrylic, vinyl, wood, porcelain and aluminum.


GLEEN is designed to work in your environment and protect ours. Get rid of harsh chemicals, unwanted toxins and make a difference with Earth friendly cleaning. This multi surface green cleaning solution nurtures healthy living with a nontoxic method that provides a safer environment inside and out. There are absolutely no chemicals in the GLEEN cloth; it is the unique fiber technology that makes this product completely friendly and chemical-free. Utilizing only the natural force of water, this cloth aggressively weakens and traps grime for the ultimate in a multi-purpose clean. Completely machine washable, use this cloth over and over again to reduce waste, .Not sure if GLEEN is for you? Be sure to check out our NEW  REVIEW section for the latest TV reports on the GLEEN, Green Cleaning Cloth. These noted consumer advocates put GLEEN to the test!

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 57 reviews
by Marie Vaikness on Gleen Cloth

I do professional services and love them to death.

by BoyMomOf5 on Gleen Cloth

This is amazing. I give these to my boys to wipe down our walls. No chemicals and my walls have never looked better. It cut through grease better than any product i've found. Works beautifully on glass and stainless steel. I give this to all my first time mom friends.

by Sue Weigand on Gleen Cloth

These are the best cleaning cloths that I have ever used. It is the only cleaning item that does not streak my stainless steel appliances, and believe me, working with commercial kitchens for the last 20+ years I have tried every available S/S cleaning product. The price is reasonable also.

by Toney Hodges on Gleen Cloth

I Love these cloths as they are the BEST! I was introduced to them by a man in the corvette club and I have bought and given away many of the window cleaners and glasses cleaner. I reload when my stock starts to get low. The window cleaners will remove many things from glass that other products will not. I recommend these products to everyone.

by Sherry Rimstidt on Gleen Cloth

I have tried commercial products, made my own and have never had such satisfaction as I do with Gleem. A friend gave us one cloth to try and I am sold and ordering for myself and extended family. My question is how long does one cloth usually last. Love them!A GLEEN Cloth will last 50 to 100 cleanings. Follow the instruction that are provided and you should not have any problems.

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