Not just for windows! GLEEN is perfect for cleaning hundreds of surfaces and is the only green cloth that safely and effectively cleans and brightens glass, ceramic, chrome, plastic, marble, fiberglass, stainless steel, leather, granite, acrylic, vinyl, wood, porcelain and aluminum. But to be honest, we’ve been outdone. Regular GLEEN users are quick to point out the surfaces we didn’t even think about. Be sure to tell us about your GLEEN surfaces and we’ll do our best to find some more room on the box!


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  1. I love this cloth! It can be used on any surface with just water and does a much better job at cleaning and polishing than any rag, sponge or paper towel. Three things I particularly like about the Gleen cloth: it uses no chemicals, it is indestructible, and can be continually reused.

  2. I bought one for the family I housekeep for and it does a great job of keeping the handprints from twin four-yearolds controlled.
    I purchased two more to send to my daughter-in-law in Tanzania. I figure that the cleaners she is used to in the States aren’t as available and she goes shopping once a month so inbetween supply trips this will help her out.
    I found the first one at my Hartville, OH Giant Eagle grocery store and they didn’t have more, so I found the second and third at the Alliance, OH Giant Eagle. They were pretty well stocked.
    Great product!

  3. I bought mine at ShopnSave and wasn’t all that enthused because it first had to pass the wife test. My wife is the ultimate skeptic and particularly about streaks in the granite. After I showed her how to use it, she used it for a few days and wanted me to buy more NOW, before they were gone. Love it and it works great on the mirror in the bathroom that ALWAYS streaked. Thanks for a great product…

  4. Hello. I’m Patti and I’m a Gleen-aholic. :)

    The Gleen display in my local Wegman’s store (upstate NY) intrigued me so I bought one. I used it once and fell in love! I’ve never been able to get my mirrors perfectly streak free (even with vinegar and newspapers)….until Gleen. I keep trying it on new surfaces in my house and it hasn’t let me down. And like someone else said, it does a much better job at cleaning & polishing than everything else with no chemicals.

    I’ve been recommending it to everyone! Thank you for the excellent product!!

  5. I bought one for use around the house. I expected it to work well, but not THAT WELL!! What a great product! I fix musical instruments for a living, and I must try this out on trumpets, etc. I regularly use microfiber cloths, but this is the best one I’ve used.

  6. I used this cloth upon the recommendation of a friend.
    I could not believe what a great job it did on windows with NO other cleaning product. I then rinsed it out and continued to do all my regular cleaning with it. Save so much time. Cleans and polishes furniture and everything on it in no time at all, no streaks, residue, no need to add another cleaner.

  7. I bought 3 of these cloths. Today I washed my entire car with one of them…inside and out. It even cleaned off the road tar! I use to have a cleaning business and have tried many products, I give it two thumbs up!

  8. What more is there to say – love it – love it- love it. I’m always trying new cleaning products – I saw this in the grocer store – had never heard of it before. I really am shocked at how well it works. I’m planning on buying more – good-bye all other cleaning products.

  9. This is the best cleaning cloth EVER! I actually found myself looking for things to clean because it is a pleasure to use…and all without ANY cleaning solutions. Yeah Gleen! Good for Mother EArth! A product that is 100% effective and does what it is advertised to do!
    Thank you!

  10. I just got this cloth at a grocery store. I was leary about it, so I didn’t want to try it on anything it could possibly ruin.(My new SUV windows) I decided to try it on patio windows and to my amazement, it did exactly what it said it would do!On my new SUV the windows seem to streak and haze no matter what cleaner I use!!! Glad I finally found something that leaves it crystal clear! Thanks!!!

  11. Amazing results. Like everyone else says it works. I purchased my at Krogers, Savannah, GA Today. First I tackled the stainless steel frig, results perfect. Then the sink, stove, microwave, then the counter tops, and wife couldn’t believe the results. I can’t wait to receive the E-Cloth, I have alot of those that need cleaning (TV’s, phones, Lap Tops, monitors, etc)

  12. Our family purchased a large mirror that since the very day it arrived, we have not been able to remove this “foggy” appearance. We’ve tried everything. As soon as our GLEEN cloth arrived we all knew where we were going to test it. We all went to the mirror. We purposely decided to rub the mirror very lightly so as to not be putting any extra elbow grease into the test. With just one swipe all of our jaws dropped and we shouted WOW! After that we were on a mission to find how it would work on other surfaces. Every surface we touched was amAzing! The recurring comment on each of the tests…”How does it do that?!?!”
    Again…amAAAAzing product!!

  13. I have to tell you, at 70 years of age, and a young 70
    at that, I have always done my own cleaning. I am not an easy woman to please with Gimmick like products. I saw Gleen at our local grocery store(Fry’s) in Tucson, AZ. Was skeptical because it sounded too good to be true. Well, it IS too good to be true, and I cannot find enough things to clean with it. This is the best thing since sliced bread, and I remember when bread wasn’t sliced!!!!!!Great job with this cloth. I immediately went and bought 3 more. Plan to buy more of your products, if they are as good as Gleen. I have told everyone I know, and some look at me rather strangely at getting so excited about a cleaning cloth!!!!! But honestly, I am inpressed!!!

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