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I just received a free electronic cloth sample and it\'s absolutely amazing. I have never seen my pc screen and tv screens this clean and dust free, w

Mar 28, 2014 by Pamela Robinson

I just received a free electronic cloth sample and it\'s absolutely amazing. I have never seen my pc screen and tv screens this clean and dust free, well forever. The fact that you can wash them and reuse them over and over is a big plus for me. I will be ordering these and through away what I was using.

I have been using Gleen Cloths for years. I heard about them on the Dr. Laura show. They are amazing. I have shared them with many friend who all sw

Mar 14, 2014 by Kacy Curran

I have been using Gleen Cloths for years. I heard about them on the Dr. Laura show. They are amazing. I have shared them with many friend who all swear by them now. I can keep my windows all clean in a flash with just water. I also love the Organic Sanitizer. I just shared a Gleen Cloth with my neighbor and I am sure she will be a new customer soon. I see Camping World now carries them too!! Thanks for a GREAT product.

Its glass cleaning properties are legend . . .but. . .did you know that a moistened Gleen Cloth is the best thing for cleaning screens of dust, dirt,

Mar 04, 2014 by Jeff Colton

Its glass cleaning properties are legend . . .but. . .did you know that a moistened Gleen Cloth is the best thing for cleaning screens of dust, dirt, and spider webs??

I have had these amazing cloths for a while and love them. I have bought them for friends, who love them too. Now I see that they are sold in a local

Feb 27, 2014 by Judy Scott

I have had these amazing cloths for a while and love them. I have bought them for friends, who love them too. Now I see that they are sold in a local grocery store. We have lots of big windows and it makes cleaning them much easier (and done more often. YAY Gleen cloths.

I cannot say enough about these amazing cleaning cloths. I run a home cleaning business and I cannot tell you the time saved by using these. Streak f

Feb 08, 2014 by Noelani Flannagin

I cannot say enough about these amazing cleaning cloths. I run a home cleaning business and I cannot tell you the time saved by using these. Streak free glass is my favorite but I literally used them everywhere. Also in case anyone has cherry wood you know how it can streak. Not with these cloths, no oily streaks anywhere.

GLEEN 888-654-5336 P.O. BOX 207 Old Forge PA, 18518 USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 I just received a free electronic cloth sample and it\'s absolutely amazing. I have never seen my pc screen and tv screens this clean and dust free, well forever. The fact that you

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  1. Norm from Pennsylvania Says:

    The Gleen cloth works great for cleaning bugs from my motorcycle helmet face shield. It’s quite amazing how streak free the shield is after a quick cleaning.

  2. carolyn clifford Says:

    I heard about this miracle cloth from a friend and since then I have gone clean crazy cleaning my house. It’s the best thing I have ever used. No more chemicals or harsh cleaners. The gleen cloth does it all. I got the last one and want to buy more but can’t find it. Help!! Carolyn Clifford

  3. Susan Pratt Says:

    Your cleaning cloth is absolutely wonderful! From counter tops to eye glasses it cleans and leaves no streaks. And by the way your jingle keeps my head a bobbing and my toes a tapping! I’ll be forwarding your website address to many people! Thanks.

  4. Sue Cepelak Says:

    Hey, I just had to order another 12 of your Gleen cloths. They are the most amazing cleaning product on the market today. I’ve given a few away and now people keep asking me for more!!

    Love the jingle….

  5. Larry Says:

    This works great. I use it to clean my motorcycle helmet and face shield. I bring it every time I ride. All you need is water and all bugs are cleaned right off.

  6. Lori Dunford Says:

    I absolutely love, love, love my gleen cloths. I have one in every room and love not having to use chemicals.

  7. Stephanie Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Gleen Cloth!! I use it on my piano which CONSTANTLY needs to be cleaned because of all the little fingers I have running around my house. I love that I can clean it without using harsh chemicals. I was so excited to see that it worked so well. Also, it is PERFECT for washing mirrors and windows! The Gleen Cloth is a fabulous product and I’m excited to share it with my friends and family members for Christmas. Thank you!!

  8. BURKE Says:

    I had to order another 5. The Chrismas dinner cleanup got out of hand. My Mom’s Gleen cloth disappeared. We think it was one of the cousins from Texas. You know how they are. I am sending all of them one. We will see who sends a Thank You card.
    Happy New Year all.
    Love my Gleen

  9. LEE-ANNA Says:


  10. sandra Says:

    heavensent!the only product that cleans my windows without any streaking luv luv luv it! thank you so much!

  11. Sherrie Halahan Says:

    Just tried out the cleaning cloth and I was amazed. I have a Beagle dog that looks out four living room windows and you can imagine the mess. I cleaned two of the windows and I was just amazed. I bought the cloth at our local Giant Eagle and I hope they have more. My husband is an over the road truck driver and is picky about his windows. I think this might help him. I did try using it on the car windows but it was to cold and the wet spots wouldn’t dry, but that’s ok they work great in the house. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A FINE PRODUCT. DON’T EVER QUIT MAKING THEM.

  12. vickie brookens Says:

    I just found the Gleen Cloth last week. This is great. I used it on the inside windows of my car. It’s alot better than window cleaners I’ve used.
    Even the walls inside my house. I love it!

  13. Susan Says:

    I love Gleen so much that I bought it for my 3 grown sons and they all love it too! I’ve also given it as a gift to my best friend and she loved it. Showed it to my sister in law and she got right on line and ordered it. My windows have never looked so good and been cleaned so quick and easy. Thank you for Gleen.

  14. Barb from PA Says:

    I used my new Gleen on the picture windows on our enclosed front porch – they were smeared and messy after cleaning with regular glass cleaner – I was amazed – just a wipe and the dirt and streaks were completely gone – I’m telling everyone about this fantastic product – no more stinky, cough-producing chemical products which don’t work as well anyway.

  15. Brenda Smith Says:

    Unbelievable! I love, love, love this product! I have window panes…which have always been a pain to clean as the cleaners would run in between the panes. With Gleen…no runs, no streaks…just fabulous results! I have told everyone about your amazing product. Thank you!

  16. Emily Lund, Texas Says:

    I love Gleen on my stainless steel dishwasher and fridge. It is amazing on the fingerprints my four children leave on mirrors and windows, too! Thanks!

  17. Susan Says:

    I found this at my local market and I can’t stop using it. I live in a house of brass and glass everything. I no longer have to be careful about spraying the brass with cleaners that might pit it. It cleans everything and I mean everything! Amazing. My car windows seem to always be smeared and this does just a great job. Thanks for a wonderful product!

    Susan from PA

  18. Trisha Says:

    If I could only keep the hired help from snatching these it would be great! How about security tags so I could be alerted when friends, neighbors and the cleaning team attempt to make off with them….I had to stop showing them off as I couldn’t keep them in the house, everyone wants them! They are simply FAB and I am glad I can order them online.

  19. Rebecca Golden Says:

    I am a Mother, Wife and Grandmother & over the years I have probably tried every cleaning product you can think of. I Love (love, love , love) your Gleen Cloth and can easily say that it is the best cleaning product I have ever used. I went to the store this morning and bought 7 Gleen cloths. Thank You for an amazing product! Rebecca Golden

  20. Joan Says:

    In my quest to go green, I noticed your product at Hannafords in Taunton. With a generous coupon available, I decided to try it. FABULOUS! I have been recommending it all my friends. No more glass cleaner, no more streaks, no more counter cleaner, this product is not only green friendly but a big money saver. Congratulations on a wonderful product

  21. Alice Mackert Says:

    If your sales have gone up recently, I think it is because my daughter Heidi has been a walking sales person for your company. She said, “Gee, wish I was getting paid to promote this product.” She bought a box and was so impressed, she bought another box to give to family and friends. My windows look like someone took the glass out, no kidding! At a picnic recently, we saw a lot of people around her and we walked over to her, yup, she was demonstrating the cloth on someone’s car window! Now I am giving demonstrations. I use to hate doing windows but now I enjoy it. They make nice gifts too. Tell Darrel Hubbard he could use my daughter for a spokesperson.

  22. k. kennedy Says:

    July 16, 2008

    Dear Mr. Hubbard and the Gleen Team,
    I just purchase the Gleen cloth and said to myself “probably just another gimmick”.
    When I got home I put the cloth to the test. I cleaned windows, wood, stainless steel and more. I am convinced and amazed how fantastic this product works! Only with water! I have spent half of my life trying to get beautiful, clean, steak free window and now I finally have the solution to this problem.
    I can’t thank you enough for developing this wonderful product and I am going to purchase more. First for myself and then for my family and friends.
    I no longer have to rely on chemical based products for beautiful results.
    Thanks again,
    K. Kennedy

  23. Holly D. Says:

    When I cleaned my mother’s black paneled refrigerator, either the towel or the product left streaks. These appliances were the bane of my exstiance. If one person touched the front, I would have to clean it all over again. Immagine my shock and horror when I realized that I would have to contend with these appliances again! After I had purchased my mother’s house with all the appliances, I still had to deal with these black glossy doors. After shopping in the local grocery store, I noticed the Gleen cloths and thought that I would give it a try. THESE REALLY WORK!!! No more streaks on the glossy black refrige or on the front of the dishwasher. Now I use it on everything from glass, stainless, black refrigerator doors, etc. I was so amazed by the product that I showed them to my mom, and she bought a dozen and may give them as christmas gifts (I have eight brothers and sisters). Thank for this wonderful and easy to use product. You have made my family a believer!

  24. Denise U Says:

    Wow, I’ve tried other cloths and this is by far the best! I would highly recommend this cloth to anyone, its fantastic. It really puts liquid products to shame! Now even my kids can clean mirrors and windows, without streaking them! ThanK you Gleen Corporation.

  25. Nancy Collins Says:

    This product is just great! I have 3 mirrors in my home that have been a real problem for years. No matter what glass and mirror product I would use nothing would take away the streak and water marks until I used Gleen Cloth.
    I would like to purchace a few more of these but the grocery store does not seen to have them any longer,
    help! I don’t want to be without them. Thanks for a product that does what you say it will do!

  26. Quica Ostrander Says:

    My husband brought home a GLEEN cloth from the supermarket. I fell in love with it the minute I used it. I use it on my black stove, which showed EVERY SINGLE fingerprint and bit of dust. Not any more with the GLEEN cloth. As soon as I tried it I ordered a dozen more, and I gave one to my sister, my sister in law, and my friend, who all love it. My friend is giving them to her 7 sisters for Christmas presents. The cloth also works really well on windows. THANKS so much for your product!

  27. scott lloyd Says:

    I just cleaned my windows. Gleen cleaned better than anything I have used yet.
    I also cleaned my computer screen, desk, and furniture the other day…excellent.

  28. Kerry Says:

    If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it! I work for an eco-friendly construction company so naturally am always looking for a “greener” way. I spotted it at my Hy-Vee today and so glad I did! You and I both know this cloth is AMAZING….but does Windex know you could put them out of business?!

    Thanks for producing such an excellent product!!! I bought a couple extra for stocking stuffers :-)

  29. Renie Says:

    I think the Gleen Cloth is the most amazing cleaning item ever made. It is worth its weight in gold. I cleaned all the windows in my beach house inside and out with the one cloth and did it on a sunny day. No STREAKS!!! No Paper Towels!!! No Windex!!!!! Absolutely fantastic. Will be buying them for Christmas gifts this year. The Gleen Cloth is the best thing I have ever bought in my 61 years. Thank you Thank you!!!

  30. robbi Says:

    I love this product and use on almost every surface of the house. i would like to see them made in different colors so i could always use the same colors in different areas like kitchen, bathroom, cars etc.

  31. Debbie Says:

    I was at Redner’s and a customer told me about GleenCloth. I was skeptical as I have tried numerous prouducts that have failed me. Not so with GleenCloth it is the best product I have tried. I hate to clean windows and now I am searching for windows to clean it is so nice and does not streak. My fiberglass shower has never looked better without chemical cleaners. We have very hard water and the door and shower are always dull but no more and it is so easy to use and drys quickly. I have just bought 11 to give to friends as it is such a wonderful product. Keep up the great job!!! Thank you

  32. susan izzo Says:

    I just used Gleen cloth for the first time to wash the windows. WOW. Amazing. No streaks. I have tried so many products, and always got streaks. No more. Thanks.

  33. chrissy Says:

    WOW!! What an impressive cloth! I tried to clean a very dirty window with paper towels and cleaner and was frustrated with the results and the number of towels used. Got out my Green Cleaning Cloth and was AMAZED at how awesome this cloth worked on my windows! Then my screens, then the white metal door and the painted woodwork in the house!! I am telling all my friends!!Thanks!!

  34. Karen R Says:

    My sister told me about the Gleen cloth and I tried in all my local grocery stores to find it. Then I ordered from the web site. I cannot believe how well this cloth works. It’s exactly as promised and more. Mirrors actually sparkle and the windows have no streaks. Please, please get your marketing people to put the Gleen Cloth in more stores. It’s a fabulous product. Thank you so much for truth in advertising and an excellent cleaning product.

  35. becky haflett Says:

    I bought the gleen green cleaning cloth around a year ago. I was working full time, and attending college full time. I put the cloth under the sink with all the other cleaning products and forgot about it. I found the cloth under the sink where it had gotten buried over time as I was looking for dusting supplies. I saw it and pulled it out to try it. It is an amazing tool for cleaning if I ever saw one. I finally decided to take a break from trying it on everything I could find. I had to send a note saying how pleased I am with this product. Again, it is AMAZING!

  36. N McGrath Says:

    I heard about this product while listening to The John Gambling Show, WOR710AM radio. I ordered several cloths + the antibacterial wash. I was able to wash my windows so quickly with just the cloth and water and couldn’t believe how clear they are. I’ve also used the cloth on shower tiles (it cleaned the grout) and glass shower doors with wonderful results. I think you should advertise your product in local newspapers and would love to see it on store shelves.

  37. Jennifer Baker Says:

    Stainless wonder! I LOVE my stainless steel appliances now! I LOVE cleaning my stainless steel appliances & fixtures now! This is absolutely the most awesome invention of our day! I was so frustrated trying to keep our new stainlees steel appliances looking beautiful until I bought the Gleen cloth at Walgreens. I’m sold! I am ordering more on line today. I would give one to everyone I know if I could afford to buy that many. Thank you! Jennifer in Tucson, AZ

  38. T C Murphy Says:

    I ordered the gleen cloth under a cloud of suspician. I did not believe the commercial and I am a critic. However after trying the gleen cloth, I fell in love with the awsome results. I cleane my outside windows from inside of my house, where previously it was difficult to reach out and use windex to clean. what a discovery. believe me the cloth really really works. I awake early in the morning, and grab a cloth and start to clean any and everything or whatever needs cleaning. awsome!!

  39. Faye Says:

    When my gleen cloths arrived I had a wave of buyers remorse, feeling a bit like I had believed the emperors new clothes. How could I have spent $20.00 for 5 special cleaning cloths that could be washed in the machine?

    I set out to clean the built on soil on my kitchen cupboard doors. There are no pull handles, and NOTHING has removed the hand mark dirt. WOW!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that the surfaces were clean!! I went NUTS!! Sure enough, I got all of the doors looking like new!! Yes, I had to rub hard, and it took a little while, but NOTHING ever worked at all before!!!!

    Since then I have been telling everyone I know that these are the greatest thing to come along!!


    Faye, Haworth, NJ

  40. B. Clark Says:

    This is an excellent product…I as well am a seller of your product..Every 1 i reccomend this cloth to wants one ! :) TY 4 a wonderful product !!!!!

  41. Rose Mumbulo Says:

    FINALLY…a product that does what it promises. I just washed the THIRTY windows in my home using only the Gleen cloth and water. They are sparkling and streak free. I then went on to polish all of my stainless steel appliances-again only water-they are perfect, then I wiped down my three bathrooms –with the same cloth (cut into two pieces-one for the first layer of grime and the other for the final cleaning)! BTW-I have been using the same cloth(s) for over 6 months already. Just wish I could find them locally. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for making such a fine product-they will be stocking stuffers for all of my favorite folks this holiday season.

  42. Pat Callenberger Says:

    This is the greatest invention ever. Who ever thought of this derserves a Medal!!!!

  43. Buffy Lind Says:

    As a lifelong recycler and “green” advocate, I hoped that the “gleen cloth” would deliver what it promised. Well, stand back, folks! I am here to pay homage to this marvelous piece of modern technology. My formerly streaky windows now sparkle!! And all I used was water! Run, don’t walk to buy this product now!! I thank you, Gleen Cloth, and the earth thanks you.

  44. Kay Everitt Says:

    I LOVE this cloth!! What a joy to wash windows and not have to carry a spray bottle of cleaner and a roll of paper towels.I will never wash windows with anything else again!!! Thank-you for such a wonderful product.

  45. TERRY K Says:

    I love the Gleen cloth! Nobody likes to wash windows, but it couldn’t have been easier than with Gleen. It was almost a pleasure.

    Excellent product!

  46. Kim Carroll Says:

    Caution! The Gleen cloth may cause obsessive/compulsive cleaning. Not recommended to begin use of this product late at night as it may cause drowsiness the next day….

    Simply an AMAZING product! Thank you!

  47. Donna Ruguone Says:

    “WARNING” If you know Pat C from Milton, Pa – step away from her house!!! It has such a Gleen Clean shine you’ll need uv protection!! Her windows, mirrors, appliances, ceramic tile etc; were all cleaned with just water and the Gleen Cloth – and NO STREAKS!! Her car windows are crystal clear! Pat is my sister and I love her for telling me about the Gleen Cloth. I had to order mine-I’m from Chicago and our stores don’t have them, as yet. I had them in 3 days with no S&H! I wish that I had stock in the company! I just received more so that I can share them with friends and family! This Gleen Cloth is the BEST cleaning cloth-it’s not all rubbery and bulky like others on the market-it’s PERFECT and EASY! So….Go green and GO GLEEN! Ask Mark & Kelly S and Kathy L about it! Jim, Cathy, Jenn, & Cheryl, too!!!

  48. Cheryl Hughes Says:

    After getting a 3-way call on my voice mail from my sisters..Pat Callenberger (a.k.a) Granny, and Donna Ruguone (a.k.a) Scoop about a knew cloth that is out that would make me want to clean, I thought “not gonna happen.” Scoop sent one in the mail, and the first thing I cleaned with my new green GLEEN CLOTH, was my computer screen. Whoa,Now I have clean windows, mirrors, eyeglasses and computer desk. This Cloth is awesome! However,I don’t want them to know that for once in their lives they were right! Also, I would like to thank whoever came up with this as I was concerned about Donna’s lungs with all of the product’s I could hear her spray in the background while cleaning. The best thing ever invented!!

  49. sue m Says:


  50. Nancy B. Says:

    I bought one of these in my local supermarket, thinking “Ok, here I go again, I am probably wasting my money again on another so-called cleaning cloth”… I cannot get over this! Windows and mirrors are totally streak-free. My outdoor lanterns are sparkling, as are my car windows! It normally takes me 3-4 steps to get the granite in my kitchen. With this cloth, it is only one swipe! Wow, wow, wow. I’ll be buying 3-4 for stocking stuffers this year. This cloth is the real deal, for sure.

  51. Patricia Ealy Says:

    Purchased my first gleen cloth in a grocery store. Was so impressed, I ordered a pack to share with friends. Finally something that works just as it is described. I spend my days with ONE cloth in my hand, moving from room to room and everything sparkles.

  52. Meghan Entenman Says:

    If you ever need a spokesperson, I could be her!! I discovered this wonderful magical cleaning cloth on a trip to my local supermarket . I came home, tried it & have fallen in love. I keep no less that 6 on rotation throughout my home and 1 in my car at all times!! I have paid it forward to everyone I know, and they have paid it forward to every mother, daughter they know! I have everyone hooked & unsure of how they ever cleaned a wondow before the lean gleen cleaning machine came along! Even the most skeptical consumer (my old-school mother-in-law) has fallen for this product. My Gleen family tree has grown to about 60 or more women who’s lives have been changed forever! Keep it coming!

  53. zenny pappas Says:

    AMAZING!!! You cannot imagine how wonderful gleencloth is. Cuts work in half with results that are fantastic.
    Without a doubt ‘product of the century’ is in order.
    All my friends are getting gleencloth for Christmas…hope I do as well :)

  54. Gabrielle Says:

    I received a Gleen cloth from my mom. She ordered a pack and gave one to my brother and myself. I LOVE it for cleaning the stainless appliances in my kitchen! It is PERFECT! It gets my frig and stove and dishwasher to showroom condition and without any effort. It gets the grease off of the stove without any streaks. I really appreciate this product!

  55. Kendra Says:

    It doesn’t get better than this! I have thrown out all my windex and glass cleaners. They don’t ever compare to the results you get from the GLEEN cloth!

  56. Evelyn Says:

    I absolutely love Gleen Cloth and will tell all my friends about it. My sisters have told me about it for awhile now but I have not been able to find one where I live….I received a package in the mail yesterday and have put it to work!!!! It has done an amazing job on my windows and crystal candlesticks…THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  57. Nancy De Pas Says:

    Just to let you know that I love the Gleen Cloth.
    I always washed my windows with soap and water then went over them with window cleaner. This spring I used just your Gleen Colth and water on all my windows. They never looked so good!!
    Yes I ordered more.
    You sent me a electronic cleaning cloth. I do not have a lot of eloctronics but it did the job also.

    Thank you for a product that works!!

  58. Carolyn Says:

    There is no word in the English language to express the amazement I feel! I picked one of your cloths up at my local grocer on a whim. I am always looking for something that will make my jobs around the house easier but never really expect much. I care for a very sick husband and also have to keep up with house and yard work….I have 25 rooms to keep clean and also care for 7 cats! My home is filled with brass and glass furnishings as well as glass/wood, black counter tops, black bath tiles and black faced appliances, so you can imagine the streaks I get! These cloths actually work, they cut my cleaning time by hours and pay for themselves by using only water….no more cleaners or paper towels! No lint or cat hairs left behind! I ran right out and bought 10 more cloths so that I have extra and some to give as gifts. My next project…my car! I am just so thrilled that finally a product actually does what it says it will do. I have tried the ‘multi-surface’ cleaners and hate the results! These are wonderful, and God Bless you Mr. Hubbard!!!!!

  59. Paula Nelson Says:

    I just finished cleaning our office with the Gleen Cloth. The computer screens sparkle, the glass on our doors shine. I wiped down the kitchen, even the ladies room. My desk is clean, and it doesn’t feel tacky. I wiped down my boss’s office too. This is a great invention and my new best friend. Thanks Gleen.

  60. Dee Says:

    This cleans EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very HAPPY and satisfied. I can throw out ALL of my window and other pointless cleaners. My house is so Gleen Clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  61. Green Leaf Cleaning Partners Says:

    The Gleen Cloth is a fantastic way to clean practically any surface, The “Green” way! We use it for everything from windows to floors. The best part is that we can use it alone with just water, with one of our all natural products as well as with Gleen’s awesome Organic Sanitizer. Easy, Convenient and Eco-Friendly-Gleen Cloth!!

  62. Dorothy Curtice Says:

    I have to tell you, I test alot of items and this one is the best of best. Of course I bought them for my daughters and daughter-in-laws, they love them. My one daughter-in-law Kelly started immediatly doing all windows, mirrors and car windows, which are the worst not to streak, we could not stop her, she said she was on a roll. No streaks, just shine. They are all sold on the Gleen Clean and so am I, for sure. Thank You

  63. Gwen Says:

    I hate a streaky and filmy windshield. I saw this on sale and thought ‘what the heck’, and bought it. Surprisingly, it did a wonderful job. I’m so glad I took a chance. No more ugly windshields!!!

  64. Linda Says:

    I decided to make an effort to “Go Green” when I saw the Gleen Cloth at Redners Warhouse. I can’t tell you how many I’ve given away and rave every time I purchase 3 to 4 of them (I give a lot away).
    When Wegmans started carrying them, I was in heaven!
    Recently, my Wegmans has none :( They will hear about this!!!!
    And, my Redners only had a few on the shelf, I begged them to keep stocking them!!!!
    In a panicked (seriously) I found this site and am THRILLED that no matter what my retailers think they should carry, I can still get this amazing gem of a product!!!
    I had to use Windex for a day, between my “store jonts”. It took three times of cleaning the same area that I would have done once with my “Green Clean” thats what I call it. Pet gup on windows are gone in a swipe. I can clean my car windows inside then out with only the initial wetting. No kidding, try it! Not one streak!!!!

  65. Susan Says:

    I love the Gleen cloth!! No lint! It cleans everything! I also LOVE the song!

  66. Janie Massey Says:

    I heard about the Gleen cloth from my husband who heard about it on the Don Imus show. I went to the link for Imus/Fox and placed an order. I am blown away by what this miracle cloth does. I’m 66 years old, have Fibromyalgia and other neurological issues that make it hard to put any “muscle” into any kind of cleaning. For the first time in my life, I am able to have streak-free windows and mirrors with very little physical effort. That’s just for starters. I honestly don’t know what this amazing cloth can’t do. And, with COPD, I don’t have to breathe in toxic chemicals. Thank you Gleen for a true GOD send!
    Be Blessed! Stay Blessed!
    Peace, Love and Light ;-)

  67. Echo Says:

    New stainless steel appliances in our house and I’ve been researching online trying to find the perfect solution to removing the fingerprints that seem to appear on them out of nowhere. For multiple reasons, I hated the suggestions to use chemicals, etc. Pulled out my Gleen, moistened it, wrung it out and WOW !!! I am just blown away at how amazingly well it removed the fingerprints and how super easy it was. No chemicals, no scrubbing, just a simple swipe and they were gone.

    Just another reason to love my Gleen !!!

  68. Ashley Bandy Says:

    I can’t leave the house without my gleen! My clients love it! Mt staff loves it and I LOVE IT! Will never buy glass cleaner again!!! This Atlanta cleaning company is Green with Gleen!!!

    Crown Me Clean

  69. Celie Cairney Says:

    This cloth is amazing. I cleaned the windows in half the time and they sparkle. I’m giving Gleen Cloths to all the family for Christmas.

  70. Betty Says:

    This cloth is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I no longer hate to clean windows!!! We have a tough time finding it here in the Pocono Mtn. area of PA, but we’re telling store managers to stock it! When we do find it, we buy enough for all of our friends! Great product! Love that it’s environmentally friendly!

  71. Joanna Dillery Says:

    This is the most amazing cleaner I have ever used. It works on everything, kitchen appliances big & small, counters, inside and outside of cars, mirrors, windows, glass, bathroom tile and tubs. It is no effort at all and you do not have to rinse or dry off. I have 2 dogs and their noses are always on the windows. It cleans the area the noses touch but you can’t see where I clean and the rest of the window stops. I purchase my Gleen cloth in the grocery store and tell everyone I see how good they are. I have sold many of them just telling people how great they are Thank you for developing such a great product. I even gave some as Christas presents.

  72. Cathy Bradwell Says:

    As I said when I called your office the other day, I could be a spokesperson for your product. I was a little hesitant to use it and it was a bit stiff when I first opened the package, but after using it on my greasy stove, then rinsing and using it on the glass of our microwave door I was sold. You simply have to try it. I bought 10 and gave them to my family and friends and they are now using them too. You will definitely not be disappointed.

  73. kristine r Says:

    I love this product. It’s the only way I will clean my windows. I HATE windows but I’ll go them with this, gladly! It’s (no kidding here)made my life better, and cleaner.

  74. Yvonne Clark Says:

    This little cloth is the berries!!I wet it and clean everything in site. Will spread the word.Promise!!

  75. Yvonne Clark Says:

    The best little cloth in Michigan!! Will spread the word!!

  76. Robin Anderson Says:

    I received the Gleen as a gift from my daughter, and if I hadn’t tried it, I wouldn’t have believed how well it works. I normally clean windows with a squeege and it does a pretty good job, but the Gleen is incredibly easy and leaves a streak-free, sparkling finish. Thank you, thank you! I will give these little cloths as gifts. I LOVE ‘em!

  77. Gloria Wlker Says:

    I have been a Gleen Cloth user for years, love the product and frequently give the cloths as gifts.

    When I recently restocked, I got the package that includes the Chrome and Stainless Steel cloth. The directions state: wet with water, ring out well. To ring is what you do to a bell. To wring is to twist as to remove water.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  78. Lorie Webber Says:

    SO I get my pack of five today, couldn’t wait to try it on a few windows that absolutely refuse to be streak free no matter what I use. My friend built this product up so much, no streaks etc etc. I also do some house keeping for others so always looking for the next best thing is cleaning items. SOOOOO I am not happy that one mirror and one window, water spots everywhere… what am I doing wrong? I even read the directions which does not seem like rocket science?? HELPPPPP PLEASE

  79. Anna Bayliss Says:

    I found the Gleen Cloth quite by accident at my local supermarket, now apparently my local supermarket can’t keep up with demand as I haven’t been able to stop telling anyone and everyone I encounter about this AMAZING “new” (or so I thought new) cleaning product. As many have previously stated, I too was skeptical as to the claims made on the packaging. If you haven’t tried this product yet let me tell you now, prepare to be shocked and amazed! Cynics everywhere beware! This product delivers exactly what it promises (shocking I know) and more! My daughter (14 years old) teases me quite often stating that I need to get a life because each time she hears me talking with someone excitedly she knows I’ve once again captured an audience for my little miracle performing cloths! I guess it is a little sad that one can achieve such happiness from what is basically a cleaning rag but as life deals out so many disappointments, it truly is a wonderful feeling to find a product that lives up to its hype and in the process makes a much hectic life just a little bit easier! THANK YOU!

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