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by londa eklund on

I have been using gleen cloths for several years and am well aware of how great they are. I just bought a new one to replace an old one that I gave away. How can I contact you about ordering more?

Please call 888-654-5336 Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm EST and we can get your order over the phone.

by Mary Dillon on

I am very, very happy with the product. It is amazing. I am a little disappointed in receiving the free gift. There was no expiration date, so I cannot get it.

Please send over you name and mailing address to and we will get one out to you. Thank you

by Barbara Beauchamp on

I love these cloths! I have given one to my neighbors, and sent them to family members. Now, it's not a chore to clean mirrors. I used to hate cleaning the china cabinet, now it's so easy! Thank you for such an amazing product!

by Ralph Lobdell on

I don't know how it is made or how it works but I can say I washed windows inside and out that would take a day and half in 4 hrs. Even taking storm windows off and on.
The results was great and I know I saved money by not using paper towels and liquid cleaner.

by Vicki Tomlinson on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cloth!!! It is absolutely AWESOME! It cleans mirrors, glass, ceramic stove tops, and stainless steel streak free! I fell in love with this cloth. The BEST cleaning cloth I have ever used!

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  1. Purchased my first gleen cloth in a grocery store. Was so impressed, I ordered a pack to share with friends. Finally something that works just as it is described. I spend my days with ONE cloth in my hand, moving from room to room and everything sparkles.

  2. If you ever need a spokesperson, I could be her!! I discovered this wonderful magical cleaning cloth on a trip to my local supermarket . I came home, tried it & have fallen in love. I keep no less that 6 on rotation throughout my home and 1 in my car at all times!! I have paid it forward to everyone I know, and they have paid it forward to every mother, daughter they know! I have everyone hooked & unsure of how they ever cleaned a wondow before the lean gleen cleaning machine came along! Even the most skeptical consumer (my old-school mother-in-law) has fallen for this product. My Gleen family tree has grown to about 60 or more women who’s lives have been changed forever! Keep it coming!

  3. AMAZING!!! You cannot imagine how wonderful gleencloth is. Cuts work in half with results that are fantastic.
    Without a doubt ‘product of the century’ is in order.
    All my friends are getting gleencloth for Christmas…hope I do as well :)

  4. I received a Gleen cloth from my mom. She ordered a pack and gave one to my brother and myself. I LOVE it for cleaning the stainless appliances in my kitchen! It is PERFECT! It gets my frig and stove and dishwasher to showroom condition and without any effort. It gets the grease off of the stove without any streaks. I really appreciate this product!

  5. It doesn’t get better than this! I have thrown out all my windex and glass cleaners. They don’t ever compare to the results you get from the GLEEN cloth!

  6. I absolutely love Gleen Cloth and will tell all my friends about it. My sisters have told me about it for awhile now but I have not been able to find one where I live….I received a package in the mail yesterday and have put it to work!!!! It has done an amazing job on my windows and crystal candlesticks…THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  7. Just to let you know that I love the Gleen Cloth.
    I always washed my windows with soap and water then went over them with window cleaner. This spring I used just your Gleen Colth and water on all my windows. They never looked so good!!
    Yes I ordered more.
    You sent me a electronic cleaning cloth. I do not have a lot of eloctronics but it did the job also.

    Thank you for a product that works!!

  8. There is no word in the English language to express the amazement I feel! I picked one of your cloths up at my local grocer on a whim. I am always looking for something that will make my jobs around the house easier but never really expect much. I care for a very sick husband and also have to keep up with house and yard work….I have 25 rooms to keep clean and also care for 7 cats! My home is filled with brass and glass furnishings as well as glass/wood, black counter tops, black bath tiles and black faced appliances, so you can imagine the streaks I get! These cloths actually work, they cut my cleaning time by hours and pay for themselves by using only water….no more cleaners or paper towels! No lint or cat hairs left behind! I ran right out and bought 10 more cloths so that I have extra and some to give as gifts. My next project…my car! I am just so thrilled that finally a product actually does what it says it will do. I have tried the ‘multi-surface’ cleaners and hate the results! These are wonderful, and God Bless you Mr. Hubbard!!!!!

  9. I just finished cleaning our office with the Gleen Cloth. The computer screens sparkle, the glass on our doors shine. I wiped down the kitchen, even the ladies room. My desk is clean, and it doesn’t feel tacky. I wiped down my boss’s office too. This is a great invention and my new best friend. Thanks Gleen.

  10. This cleans EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very HAPPY and satisfied. I can throw out ALL of my window and other pointless cleaners. My house is so Gleen Clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. The Gleen Cloth is a fantastic way to clean practically any surface, The “Green” way! We use it for everything from windows to floors. The best part is that we can use it alone with just water, with one of our all natural products as well as with Gleen’s awesome Organic Sanitizer. Easy, Convenient and Eco-Friendly-Gleen Cloth!!

  12. I have to tell you, I test alot of items and this one is the best of best. Of course I bought them for my daughters and daughter-in-laws, they love them. My one daughter-in-law Kelly started immediatly doing all windows, mirrors and car windows, which are the worst not to streak, we could not stop her, she said she was on a roll. No streaks, just shine. They are all sold on the Gleen Clean and so am I, for sure. Thank You

  13. I hate a streaky and filmy windshield. I saw this on sale and thought ‘what the heck’, and bought it. Surprisingly, it did a wonderful job. I’m so glad I took a chance. No more ugly windshields!!!

  14. I decided to make an effort to “Go Green” when I saw the Gleen Cloth at Redners Warhouse. I can’t tell you how many I’ve given away and rave every time I purchase 3 to 4 of them (I give a lot away).
    When Wegmans started carrying them, I was in heaven!
    Recently, my Wegmans has none :( They will hear about this!!!!
    And, my Redners only had a few on the shelf, I begged them to keep stocking them!!!!
    In a panicked (seriously) I found this site and am THRILLED that no matter what my retailers think they should carry, I can still get this amazing gem of a product!!!
    I had to use Windex for a day, between my “store jonts”. It took three times of cleaning the same area that I would have done once with my “Green Clean” thats what I call it. Pet gup on windows are gone in a swipe. I can clean my car windows inside then out with only the initial wetting. No kidding, try it! Not one streak!!!!

  15. I heard about the Gleen cloth from my husband who heard about it on the Don Imus show. I went to the link for Imus/Fox and placed an order. I am blown away by what this miracle cloth does. I’m 66 years old, have Fibromyalgia and other neurological issues that make it hard to put any “muscle” into any kind of cleaning. For the first time in my life, I am able to have streak-free windows and mirrors with very little physical effort. That’s just for starters. I honestly don’t know what this amazing cloth can’t do. And, with COPD, I don’t have to breathe in toxic chemicals. Thank you Gleen for a true GOD send!
    Be Blessed! Stay Blessed!
    Peace, Love and Light ;-)

  16. New stainless steel appliances in our house and I’ve been researching online trying to find the perfect solution to removing the fingerprints that seem to appear on them out of nowhere. For multiple reasons, I hated the suggestions to use chemicals, etc. Pulled out my Gleen, moistened it, wrung it out and WOW !!! I am just blown away at how amazingly well it removed the fingerprints and how super easy it was. No chemicals, no scrubbing, just a simple swipe and they were gone.

    Just another reason to love my Gleen !!!

  17. I can’t leave the house without my gleen! My clients love it! Mt staff loves it and I LOVE IT! Will never buy glass cleaner again!!! This Atlanta cleaning company is Green with Gleen!!!

    Crown Me Clean

  18. This cloth is amazing. I cleaned the windows in half the time and they sparkle. I’m giving Gleen Cloths to all the family for Christmas.

  19. This cloth is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I no longer hate to clean windows!!! We have a tough time finding it here in the Pocono Mtn. area of PA, but we’re telling store managers to stock it! When we do find it, we buy enough for all of our friends! Great product! Love that it’s environmentally friendly!

  20. This is the most amazing cleaner I have ever used. It works on everything, kitchen appliances big & small, counters, inside and outside of cars, mirrors, windows, glass, bathroom tile and tubs. It is no effort at all and you do not have to rinse or dry off. I have 2 dogs and their noses are always on the windows. It cleans the area the noses touch but you can’t see where I clean and the rest of the window stops. I purchase my Gleen cloth in the grocery store and tell everyone I see how good they are. I have sold many of them just telling people how great they are Thank you for developing such a great product. I even gave some as Christas presents.

  21. As I said when I called your office the other day, I could be a spokesperson for your product. I was a little hesitant to use it and it was a bit stiff when I first opened the package, but after using it on my greasy stove, then rinsing and using it on the glass of our microwave door I was sold. You simply have to try it. I bought 10 and gave them to my family and friends and they are now using them too. You will definitely not be disappointed.

  22. I love this product. It’s the only way I will clean my windows. I HATE windows but I’ll go them with this, gladly! It’s (no kidding here)made my life better, and cleaner.

  23. This little cloth is the berries!!I wet it and clean everything in site. Will spread the word.Promise!!

  24. I received the Gleen as a gift from my daughter, and if I hadn’t tried it, I wouldn’t have believed how well it works. I normally clean windows with a squeege and it does a pretty good job, but the Gleen is incredibly easy and leaves a streak-free, sparkling finish. Thank you, thank you! I will give these little cloths as gifts. I LOVE ’em!

  25. I have been a Gleen Cloth user for years, love the product and frequently give the cloths as gifts.

    When I recently restocked, I got the package that includes the Chrome and Stainless Steel cloth. The directions state: wet with water, ring out well. To ring is what you do to a bell. To wring is to twist as to remove water.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  26. SO I get my pack of five today, couldn’t wait to try it on a few windows that absolutely refuse to be streak free no matter what I use. My friend built this product up so much, no streaks etc etc. I also do some house keeping for others so always looking for the next best thing is cleaning items. SOOOOO I am not happy that one mirror and one window, water spots everywhere… what am I doing wrong? I even read the directions which does not seem like rocket science?? HELPPPPP PLEASE

  27. I found the Gleen Cloth quite by accident at my local supermarket, now apparently my local supermarket can’t keep up with demand as I haven’t been able to stop telling anyone and everyone I encounter about this AMAZING “new” (or so I thought new) cleaning product. As many have previously stated, I too was skeptical as to the claims made on the packaging. If you haven’t tried this product yet let me tell you now, prepare to be shocked and amazed! Cynics everywhere beware! This product delivers exactly what it promises (shocking I know) and more! My daughter (14 years old) teases me quite often stating that I need to get a life because each time she hears me talking with someone excitedly she knows I’ve once again captured an audience for my little miracle performing cloths! I guess it is a little sad that one can achieve such happiness from what is basically a cleaning rag but as life deals out so many disappointments, it truly is a wonderful feeling to find a product that lives up to its hype and in the process makes a much hectic life just a little bit easier! THANK YOU!

  28. My daughter-in-law gave me a gleencloth; I forgot where I put it!! WELL, i found it today just where I put it, in my tea towel drawer! i took it out started to clean my kitchen windows & my BAY WINDOW i could not believe how easy it is!! WOW,I am 89 years young, and needed this cloth years ago!! can’t wait till I get the one in the mail. What stores sell these?

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