December 4th, 2007


Before you hit the road, be sure to travel green with these short and easy tips. Although we can’t guarantee that it won’t rain while you are at the beach, we can assure you that a difference will be made. Book your travel tickets electronically to reduce paper waste and save a tree or two. Properly inflate your tires and keep your vehicle “road ready” to reduce those nasty emissions. If able, take public transportation or carpool. Put on hold on your newspaper subscription until you return. Or donate it to a subscription-less neighbor. Use the hotel’s electronic check out program. Pack lunches and food in reusable thermoses and containers, a picnic is always a great idea. And last but not least, don’t litter!


November 29th, 2007


‘Tis the season to wrap everything in sight! An estimated 25% more trash finds itself in the landfills every holiday season and this includes all that pretty wrapping paper. Dare to be creative and inspire others to do the same. Recyclable gift paper, the comics section of the newspaper, fabric gift bags, old calendars, left over wall paper or wrinkly road maps. The sky is the limit and the earth kindly thanks you.  Click to Comment!


November 19th, 2007


The holidays are just around the corner and the gift lists are soon to be distributed. The question is, when you do receive that brand spankin’ new computer, what do you do with the old one? Due to the rising amount of obsolete computers, most cities have been making a conscious effort to offer computer recycling plans. As a nod to Mother Earth, give them a call and find out what is offered. If you find yourself in a city without a program, call the RecycleNet Help Line at 519-767-2913.


October 25th, 2007


We’ve got a jingle! Set to hit the airwaves nationwide on Monday morning, GLEEN’s new radio commercial will make you dream to clean. Power up that stereo, make sure the volume is on high and let us know how fast your foot starts a’tappin’.

Can’t wait that long? We’ve got it here! Be sure to spill the secret to households every where!



October 17th, 2007


I am a sucker for the creative and the inspirational. Combine that with a slightly compulsive need for clean and I consider it a terrific day indeed. I discovered this eye catcher of a pan online and fell in love with the rumor, it is fashioned after an experience with a folded newspaper and a broom. (I have no idea if the broom was long handled or short.) There are several sites on which to buy and receive, some expensive and some not. It is art after all. Since I opted to stay with my buck ninety-nine standard, it got me thinking about the various ways to green clean. College and the early days thereafter do require some spontaneous chemical free impromptus. Some of my favorites include a squeegee and a hose, the good ‘ole ‘lick and stick’ method adopted as homage to the parental forces and of course, the streak-free elbow clean. What is yours? Click on the title to comment.